The 1611 Tour

A Golf League Unlike Any Other

The 1611 Tour is a handicapped and flighted Tour. Tour players will compete in 4 Regular & 4 Major Tournaments over 8 weeks. Each tournament features a sponsor and the winner of each flight will be awarded the prize from the tournament sponsor. Players also earn 1611 Tour Points for each tournament. The season-long points race will determine the 1611 Tour Champion!


The 1611 Tour Sponsors 

What Does A 1611 Tour Sponsor Receive?  

  • recognition on 1611's website & Social Media.

  • In-Bay Advertising throughout the 8-week run of the Tour.

  • A custom-made tournament logo featuring the sponsor's logo.

  • Leaderboards featuring that week's sponsor, are emailed out each week to all of the players on the 1611 Tour.  

  • Sponsor's logo will appear on the tee box of their tournament's course.

  • Complimentary Bay Rentals to use at 1611 for themselves, employees, family or friends

Check out some of the previous 1611 Tour Sponsors!

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Types of 1611 Tour Sponsors

Overall Title Sponsor
provides the donation of the payouts to the Season-Long Tour Champion. This sponsor will be Featured on every social media post regarding The 1611 Tour. Each Tour Season will only have 1 Overall Title Sponsor per Season.

Tournament Sponsor
provides the donation of weekly payouts. Each Tour Season will have 8 Tournament Sponsors. 1 per tournament. These Sponsors will be Featured on social media leading up to the start of the Tour & during their sponsored week. 

Interested in Becoming A 1611 Tour Sponsor? Contact Us Here! 

Thank you for your interest in Becoming A Sponsor on The 1611 Tour! We will reach out within 24 Hours!